Chabad Youth NSW is committed to offering enjoyable, social, and affordable Jewish enrichment. Our Living Legacy workshops provide a distinctive and immersive setting for informal Jewish education. With interactive discussions, engaging activities, and experiential learning, campers deepen their understanding and connection to Jewish traditions, values, and customs. We collaborate with Jewish and non-denominational schools throughout Sydney, as well as private schools like Reddam, Waverley College, Moriah College, Kesser Torah College, and more. These workshops encompass a variety of activities and programs.

Our programs are designed to create positive experiences, foster inclusivity, and generate delightful memories for participants. By promoting Jewish tradition and awareness, we strive to strengthen the Jewish community and cultivate pride in Jewish heritage. 

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Living Legacy Workshops - Celebrating our Heritage

Model Matzah Bakery

Dates: March - April

Recommended Age: Preschool - Year 8 

Duration: 45 - 60 Minutes

Cost: up to 30 students $360 and $12 for each additional student 

Students take home:

Their very own freshly baked Matzah, and Bakers hat!

Matzah is the traditional bread of faith. Its message is an integral part of our morals and beliefs. The story of Passover is animated and recreated for the students. They are then taught how to bake their very own hand-made Matzah. Fashioned after a real Matzah bakery, students assume the real life responsibilities of kneading the dough, rolling the Matzah, baking it, etc. They receive their very own freshly baked Matzah and Bakers hat. Note: this Matzah must be eaten before Passover.


Traveling Shofar Factory

Dates: August - September

Recommended age: All Ages

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Cost: up to 30 students $360 and $12 for each additional student 

Students Take Home:

Their very own Shofar and exclusive Shofar pouch!

Participants will gain new insights into the history and significance of the Shofar and its role on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Throughout the presentation participants help saw, drill, sand and varnish a ram's horn to create a kosher Shofar. Following the presentation, every student makes his/her own shofar. They will sand, decorate and varnish a horn to create their kosher Shofar. At the end of the workshop every student takes home his/her own Shofar and a special Shofar pouch. During this “hands-on” workshop the students practice the traditional sequence of notes blown on Rosh Hashanah with their own Shofar.

Olive Press Workshop

Dates: November - December 
Recommended age: Preschool - Yr 7 
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: up to 30 students $360 and $12 for each additional student 
Students Take Home:
An option of a Chanukia - Menorah or Sand Art.
This workshop employs an impressive array of modern and ancient instruments to recreate the art of hand pressing and refining olive oil. Students choose olives and squeeze them in a hand press; the juice is strained and spun in a centrifuge and distilled into pure oil. After which participants fashion wicks out of cotton and, when the oil is purified, light the menorah. Following the presentation, participants will have the choice of building their own Chanukia - Menorah or completing a fun Sand Art project.
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