Dear Parents,

Welcome to Camp Gan Yisroel Sydney winter 2023!

We’ve planned a fun-filled Winter holiday, a camp experience that your child will never forget.

Our dynamic staff has worked hard to ensure that your child will have a warm caring environment, creative and fun activities, exciting trips, and a whole lot more.

Our first and foremost priority is the safety of your child. Please read all the below material, as it contains important information about Camp Gan Yisroel. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions during the summer.

Best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable summer!


Elimelech Levy, Neach Koncepolski and Avremi Joseph.
Camp Directors

Thank you to Chabad Youth Melbourne for their help with the handbook


Drop Off And Pickup

Girls: Drop-off: 11am, 4 July  |  Pick up 9 July 1pm

Boys: Drop-off: 11am, 11 July  |  Pick up 16 July 1pm

Drop off and Pick-up area will be in front of Kesser Torah College.

Please safely park and walk your children to drop them off and sign them in.

Campers may only be released to a parent or persons authorized to pick up the camper. Please advise the camp office or your child’s counselor if a different or new pickup person will be coming.


Health & Safety Guidelines and Covid Policy.

Below are some additional guidelines that we will be following this summer at Camp Gan Yisroel, please note that this list is not comprehensive and is subject to change as we get closer to camp. Please feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions or concerns about our plan.

  • Campers will be reminded to stay extra careful with hand washing, using sanitizer and other important hygienic guidelines at all times. 
  • All campers should apply sunscreen in the morning and will be reminded to reapply during the day.
  • Any camper or staff member who has experienced fever, vomiting, cough, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell or other symptoms typical of Covid-19 will be asked to be tested, if that test is negative they can remain in camp. 


The Camp will be at Cataract Activity Centre

Baden Powell Dr, Appin NSW 2560

Located between Campbelltown and Wollongong, Cataract Activity Centre is Sydney’s premier outdoor recreation and education centre. Enjoy a range of adventure activity, as well as a variety of meeting spaces and accommodation in a beautiful bushland setting.

The facilities will also include a Shul, commercial Kitchen and Dining room and plenty of indoor and outdoor space for a wide variety of activities.



Our Bochurim Staff who are Shluchim in Yeshiva Gedolah in Melbourne all have working with children checks, they bring with them a wealth of experience from Jewish holiday camps in Melbourne and overseas to infuse our campers experience with excitement and enthusiasm. 

Our Head Counsellor staff for our Girls camp came especially from South Africa, supported by local Madrichot from Sydney and Melbourne and all have experience in camps as well as working with children checks and some have first aid training 


First Aid

Although some staff have already been trained as swimming lifeguards and in First Aid. The Camp committee have secured independent health professionals to run a special training program before camp to ensure trained in First Aid and CPR and anaphylaxis 


Meals, Drinks & Snacks

Camp will provide 3 meals and snacks each day consisting of fruit or veggies and/or starch (pretzels, crackers etc.) Light snacks and water will be available all day.


Swimming Days

A qualified lifeguard would always be present at a swimming pool activity and other staff are also trained in First Aid and CPR.

Please send along a bathing suit, towel (and water shoes).

There are no swimming activities planned for this camp July 2023.


Trip Days

All activities will be on site at cataract activity centre.


Electronics Policy

Camp Gan Yisroel does not allow mobile phones or electronics at camp. We do not assume any responsibility for these items. A camper can get permission from his/her counselor to use the counselor's phone if necessary.

If parents need to reach their child, they can contact the camp directors.


Medical Information

All medication needs to be identified in the enrollment form and should be handed to the counselor of the camper in question, Please ensure to label the medication with the campers name and provide instructions for when it needs to be administered. Medication must be in the original packaging with the pharmacy label displaying your child’s name. Loose tablets or medication which has expired will not be accepted.

Staff will store the medication in the designated secure place, and will ensure that medication is kept out of reach of the children at all times.

Medication will only be administered from its original packaging and by the first aid officer.

Medication will be administered with the parent’s written permission only, or with the approval of a medical practitioner in the case of an emergency.

A qualified first aider is on site at all times throughout the camp, for medical advice and consultation. All vehicles transporting children are outfitted with first aid supplies. On every excursion and hike, a first aid kit is brought along.



Chartered buses will transport children to and from Cataract Activity Centre. we will be using professional bus service for transport.



There is an absolute zero tolerance for smoking, alcohol consumption, abuse and bullying / raiding in camp. Any camper who does not follow these rules will be automatically sent home.



• All Playing Cards

• Chewing Gum

• Cigarettes

• Fireworks/ Fire Making Devices

• Knives

• Laptops

• Non-Jewish books/ magazines

• Red Bull – or other high-energy drink

• Shaving Cream

• Phones, iPad, tablets, smart watches and similar devices

• Water guns

• Any other dangerous item

• Alcohol

• Non kosher or non Cholov Yisroel foods

• Nuts

Any such item found will be confiscated and not returned. Camp staff have the right to search camper’s luggage. The camp has complete authority to send home any camper who does not obey the camp rules at the parents’ cost.



Any costs that may occur as a result of injury/illness or any reckless damage caused by your child must be paid for by the parents of the child in question.



Full kosher catering is provided by professional chefs and kitchen staff. All meat products are Glatt Kosher, all dairy products are Cholov Yisroel. Three healthy and nutritious meals are provided daily, with fruit, snacks and drinks available at all times. We will provide soy milk and rice milk as well for intolerant children. For special dietary needs please communicate this when booking to ensure your child is catered for.



Girls are advised to bring to camp:

  • Pajamas (2 pairs)
  • Warm Jacket / Coat
  • Warm jumpers
  • *Appropriate underwear
  • *T-shirts (to cover elbows)
  • *Skirts (grade 7-11-Ankle length skirts)
  • *KNEE socks, (can wear crew socks with ankle length skirts. Sockettes not permitted.)
  • Shabbos Cloths
  • Leggings
  • *Sneakers
  • Waterproof closed shoes, crocs, jellies or reef shoes.
  • Shabbos outfits
  • Tznius bathrobe or cover up for pool
  • SUN HAT (no hat, no play policy in camp)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Towels
  • sleeping bag/ blanket
  • Pillow and sheet
  • Toiletries (including sanitary pads for grades 4 and up)
  • Siddur / Chitas
  • Torch (Optional)
  • Camera (Optional)
  • *These items are used for water activities. Please send multiple items as sometimes more than one change per day is needed.


Please bring enough clothing and underwear for the entire camp, as there is no access to washing facilities.

All children are required to bring suitable clothes in case of a fire evacuation. This means closed shoes, long pants and skirts, wool jumper.

Only ONE piece of luggage is permitted per person to go under the bus and ONE small carry-on bag which has your lunch for the day of departure in it.

Please don’t bring water with you as there will be plenty available at camp, and there will be no room for it on the bus. Campers are advised to bring 2 refillable water bottles.


Tznius Requirements

All girls are expected to wear skirts covering their knees, tops with sleeves covering the elbow, necklines above collarbone, and long socks at all times.

Just a reminder that all girls from Year 7-11, attending the high school camp divisions, are required to wear maxi skirts with long/crew socks.

Short skirts (covering the knees), and leggings with crew socks can be worn for individual activities if applicable.

Girls may wear crew socks with long skirts to their ankles. Please note – Sockettes and ankle socks are not permitted.



Boys are advised to bring to camp:

  • Pajamas (2 pairs)
  • 2 white Shabbos shirts
  • Shabbos Suit / Shabbos Hat
  • Warm Jacket / Coat
  • Pants
  • Warm jumpers
  • Rain Coat
  • Appropriate underwear
  • Shirts / T-Shirts
  • Socks
  • Sneakers
  • Waterproof closed shoes, Crocs or swim footwear for activities
  • Yarmulke
  • Tzitzit
  • Tefillin (if over BarMitzvah)
  • Tissues
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Towels (2)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Sheet
  • Toiletries
  • Siddur / Chitas
  • Water bottle
  • Torch (optional)
  • Camera (optional)
  • All boys are expected to wear a Yarmulke and Tzitzit at all times.



All children are required to bring suitable clothes in case of a fire evacuation. This means closed shoes, long pants and skirts, and a wool jumper.

Please don’t bring water with you as there will be plenty available at camp, and there will be no room for it on the bus. Campers are advised to bring 2 refillable water bottles.

Please send multiple items as sometimes more than one change per day is needed.



We take seriously our responsibility to deliver our services in a safe environment that is caring, nurturing and protective. At Chabad Youth we believe that the welfare of all children and young people is of paramount importance and that our organisation has an obligation to defend the child’s right to care and protection. Staff and management have a responsibility to take action to protect children they suspect may be abused or neglected. We have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse or bullying of any kind.

We believe children and young people who come to programs and events at Chabad Youth should:

• Feel comfortable

• Be cared for

• Feel safe and be safe.

Everyone who works here does their best to make sure children and young people here are protected from any harm.

It is not okay for anyone to hurt a child’s feelings or body.

It is important for you and your child to know that if your child ever feels unsafe or uncomfortable we will be here to listen to you both and act proactively.

If you are unhappy with the way you or your child are being treated please tell the Chabad Youth director or a head staff member.

Outlined below is a brief outline of our practice and behavior guidelines:

Our practice and behaviour guidelines address the major areas where our staff interact with the children and young people who take part in our programs, services and events. We have developed these practice and behaviour guidelines to help safeguard your children and young people from abuse or neglect.


Under no circumstances is any form of ‘sexual behaviour’ to occur between, with, or in the presence of, children and/or young people participating in any of our programs, services and events. ‘Sexual behaviour’ is interpreted widely, to encompass the entire range of actions that would reasonably be considered to be sexual in nature, including but not limited to contact behavior and non-contact behaviour.


Our personnel will not, of their own volition or at the request of a service user, act outside the confines of their duties (as specified in their job agreement.) when helping to deliver our programs, services and events.

Chabad Youth personnel are not allowed to:

1. Provide unauthorized transportation, for example, lifts home, to any youth in our care unless given authorization from the coordinator or parent.

2. Must not seek contact with children or young people (or former participants) outside programs, services and events unless given authorization from the coordinator or parent.

If any of our personnel become aware of a situation in which a child or young person requires assistance that is beyond the confines of that person’s role, or beyond the scope of our organisation’s usual service, they will seek advice from Chabad Youth management, contact the child or young person’s parent or guardian, and/or refer the matter to an appropriate authority or support agency.


Any Language and/or tone of voice used in the presence of children and young people will provide clear direction, boost their confidence, encourage or affirm them. Language used by staff members will not be harmful to children, and staff will endeavor to avoid language that is discriminatory, racist or sexist, derogatory, intended to threaten or frighten, or language that is profane or sexual.


Personnel are responsible for supervising the children and young people to which our organisation provides programs, services and events, to ensure that amongst other reasons, participants will engage positively with our programs, behave appropriately toward one another, and that they are in a safe environment and are protected from external threats, for example, supervised at all times with no access for intruders etc.

Our personnel are required to not have one-to-one unsupervised situations with children and young people to whom we provide services, and to conduct all activities and/or discussions with service recipients in view of other personnel.


Giving of gifts by our service delivery personnel to children and young people to whom we provide service is subject to the gift being in a manner of a reward or prize, and in a public manner and they have obtained prior authorisation from a supervisor or Director. Our center will make all parents or other responsible adults aware of any gift or prize given.



Under these guidelines children and young people to whom we deliver service are to be photographed while involved in our programs, services and events only if:

- Our Director has granted prior and specific approval

- The context is directly related to participation in our programs, services and events

- The child is appropriately dressed and posed

- The image is taken in the presence of other personnel.



Chabad Youth policy states that any physical contact with children and young people must be appropriate to the delivery of our programs, services and events such as when fitting a harness on a child and based on the needs of the child or young person, rather than on the needs of our personnel.

Any physical handling of a child, when appropriate to the delivery of services must be with prior advice and permission from parents and a clear acknowledgment from the child prior to handling.

Under no circumstances should any of our personnel have contact with children or young people participating in our programs, services and events that would appear to a reasonable observer to have a sexual connotation or that is intended to cause pain or distress to the student. Staff is instructed to not be overly physical in any way with a child.

Our personnel are required to report to management any physical contact initiated by a child or young person that is sexual and/or inappropriate, for example, acts of physical aggression, as soon as possible, to enable the situation to be managed in the interests of the safety of the child or young person, our personnel and any other participants.



Overnight stays will occur only with the authorisation of our Director and of the parents/guardians of the children or young people involved.

Practices and behaviour by our personnel during an overnight stay will be consistent with the practices and behaviour expected during delivery of our programs, services and events at other times.

When on an overnight stay, children and young people will be provided with privacy when bathing and dressing. Our staffs are instructed to observe appropriate dress standards when children and young people are present, and will not leave children under the supervision or protection of unauthorised persons such as hotel staff or friends.

Sleeping arrangements will be made to ensure that they will not compromise the safety of children and young people such as unsupervised sleeping arrangements, or an adult sleeping in the same bed as a child or young person.

All children have the right to contact their parents, or others, if they feel unsafe, uncomfortable or distressed during the stay.



Personnel are required to supervise children and young people in change rooms while balancing that requirement with a child or young person’s right to privacy. In addition personnel will avoid one-to-one situations with a child or young person in a change room area. Chabad Youth personnel are not permitted to use the change room area while children and young people are present. Chabad Youth personnel will provide the level of supervision required for preventing abuse by members of the public, adult service users, peer service users, or general misbehaviour, while also respecting a child’s privacy


Children and young people in our care will be transported only in circumstances that are directly related to the delivery of our programs, services and events – for example, a organized event may be okay, but they may not be given casual lifts.

Children will be transported only with prior authorisation from our Director and from the child’s parent/guardian.



Yours and other children and young people’s participation in the program is for their enjoyment. As parents your role is to support these outcomes by:

• encouraging your child’s participation in a positive and respectful manner

• advising our program coordinator of any special needs that your child may have, or develop, during the course of the program (for example, they may suffer from asthma or allergies, or have hearing difficulties), so that we can assist in their safe participation in the program, and ensure that all necessary paperwork has been filled out.

• engaging with our staff positively, not criticising staff members in the presence of your child, and reporting any concerns to our program coordinator

• ensuring that your child is picked up on time at the conclusion of a program session

• arranging with our program coordinator prior to a session if your child is to be picked up by a person unknown to the program – and completing an authorisation form

• advising our coordinator if your child is unable to attend the program, or is no longer interested in participating in the program

• reporting any concerns to our program coordinator and not directly to a staff member, other child or parent involved in the program

• not asking the staff member to provide any other support or service outside the boundaries of our mentoring program, such as asking for babysitting services or for lifts home for your child

• not engaging in behaviour that discriminates against any other person on the basis of gender, ability, race, colour, religion, language, politics or national or ethnic origin 

• engaging with other participants in a positive and respectful manner and not engaging in behaviour designed to belittle, insult or intimidate others

• not engaging in, or threatening to engage in, violent or physical confrontations with any other person

• not encouraging or inciting your child to commit violent acts or to breach program rules

• advising our program coordinator of any changes in contact information for use in the event of an emergency.


Serious or ongoing breaches of these guidelines are not tolerated. Parents who breach our guidelines may:

• be asked to leave the program

• provided with advice and/or a warning to encourage positive participation

• jeopardise their future participation in our programs, services and events.



We take seriously our responsibility to deliver a safe environment that is caring, supportive and nurturing and are committed to protecting the children and young people to whom we deliver our services. Accordingly we have developed policies on how to respond to child abuse reports and allegations as a guide to all involved personnel in meeting their responsibilities in this area. Our personnel are required to identify, report and respond to any concerns about, or incidents of, child abuse or neglect towards children or young people to whom we provide services. Our personnel are required to respond to abuse or neglect perpetrated by personnel within our organisation or by other persons. In the event of a report of suspected child abuse, the Director of Chabad Youth will be notified and depending upon the nature and seriousness of the incident, the police or child protection and parents will be notified. Strict confidentiality will apply to all concerned.

As parents you also play an important role in the safety of your children and the others attending our activities. If you or your child has any concerns in relation to their safety you should contact the Director at Chabad Youth,



We are very excited to have your child join the Chabad Youth family. We look forward to working with you to ensure your child has a happy, positive, fun and inspiring time at our camp.