Gan Izzy Day Camps 2021


Gan Izzy Primary 5 - 9 July 2021   |   Boys and Girls age 4 - 13 


Program 9:00am - 4:00 pm / Friday end at 2:00pm

Teen programs start 9:30am  


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Days Attending:

5 - 9 July 2021       WeekMon Tues Wed Thur Fri 


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Camp will provide lunch Snacks and drinks throughout camp for Day camp only - Teen campers should bring their own.

Primary Gan Izzy (4 - 8 Jan) will use private bus service. Teen Camps will use Public Transport

Payment Options

Costs for primary campers is $290 per week OR $70 Per day

To apply for a subsidy through the Gan Yisroel Subsidy fund, please click HERE  

Payment information must be provided before camp, Full charges will only be made at the end of Camp.

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For a full list of our Policies and Procedures, please click here  


I hereby accept that Sydney Talmudical College Association, Bnei akiva, Lubavitch Jewish Centre, Chabad Youth NSW, Mizrachi synagogue or their employees and agents, bear no responsibility for any harm or injury that might befall my child. In the event of my child becoming ill or injured during the course of camp, I authorise the above mentioned entities to take the necessary steps to ensure that my child receives appropriate medical attention, for which I will accept full payment for any costs incurred.

I acknowledge that my child will be participating in camp activities both within and outside the camp venue grounds. I authorise my child to participate in these activities.

I hereby indemnify Sydney Talmudical College Association, Bnei Akiva, Lubavitch Jewish Centre,Mizrachi Synagogue, Chabad Youth NSW their employees and agents, for any demands, claims, actions or suits made against any of them, by any person, arising from or in relation to any act or omission by my child.

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For more information please call 0433 549 190